In other words, use a lens with a fixed focal length. By using such a lens you must once again be very aware of your composition. In addition, the quality of the fixed lens is unbeatable. After the trip that I did with a fixed 35 mm lens, I once again saw the sharpness of the photos that this fixed lens produces. With other fixed lenses this is no different.

A whole weekend with a fixed 35 mm lens provided quite a bit of work. Now the fixed lens has the advantage that it is nice and light. I made the image crop much more aware precisely because I could not zoom. In addition, I want to have my composition as much as possible in one go as I want, without cropping.

Compositie in één keer raak

The only thing that is trimmed is the photo above is the cane on it. The rest is all as it came from the camera. The image cropping is made by walking back and forth. This has largely determined this composition. Of course I could still have changed lenses, in addition to the 35 mm I also had a 50 and an 85 mm lens with me but I just wanted to practice with 1 lens.

You also have to move around with spatial photos. It surprised me again that the angle of view of a 35 mm lens on an APS-C camera is pretty tight sometimes, especially after you used a 11-18 mm wide angle a day earlier. you can see an example in the photo below.

In the photo above I wanted to keep a number of shadows in view because they give a nice variation to the yellow landscape. I also wanted the stems to be at the front in full sharpness. In addition, I was a bit concerned with the accents on the horizon that all had to fit within the cut-out because I thought it was determining elements. So here, again, walking back and forth.

Walk for a cut-out, but it is even sharper

I notice that, by photographing like this for a few days, I am becoming more aware of my composition. So I recommend everyone to zoom in with your feet.

For complete sharpness, view the photos on Flickr or click on the photos below.

In this photo portfolio you can find all my work made with a fixed lens. You can see the photos on Flickr. Here you can see the newest photo, if you click on it you can view the photos in bulk. You can switch back and forth between the photos with the arrows at the bottom on the side. You can also navigate with the arrow keys or swipe. You will see 20 photos per set, the photos are sorted from new to old.

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