Zakynthos photos

Zakinthos is an island in western Greece. We arrived there after, luckily, a relief from the corona measures, which allowed us to travel everywhere by public transport again. Of course that was also possible with the rental car.

The city of Zakynthos (Greek: Ζάκυνθος) is the largest city and capital of the island of the same name in the Ionian Sea. Zakynthos town has approximately 13,000 inhabitants and the island approximately 32,000 inhabitants.

The island was nearly 90% destroyed in a major earthquake in 1953. The rebuilding took place according to old building plans, which allowed the city and the island to largely retain its old face. Zakynthos has thus become a mixture of old, reconstructed and adapted new construction.
The mountain village of Keri is the only place that was spared during the earthquake and therefore has very narrow streets.

The port of Zakynthos is home to many fishing vessels and a regular ferry service to the rest of Greece is also maintained from here. Zante (a commonly used name for Zakynthos town) has a spacious harbor promenade, which has just been renovated, one of the most important buildings is the Dionisios Church.

I only took the Sony RX100 M3 with me to take the pictures, I wanted to travel light and not carry a large camera with me. Fortunately, because the conditions were extreme for the time of year with temperatures above 40 degrees.

The photos were taken all over the island, including some in Kefalonia. Many pictures were taken on the water as we traveled a lot by boat. Enjoy the photos below and they might be an inspiration for you. You can find the stories with the photos on Flickr.

The photos of Zakynthos also include photos taken on Kefalonia. On the map below I have indicated the places where pictures were taken on Kefalonia.

The locations on Kefalonia



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