Work in progress

What could be better than looking at work? Taking pictures of work! Especially if there is a spectacular component, such as working at great heights, such as here at the Buurtjeskerk in Andijk.

The Buurtjeskerk is one of the oldest buildings in Andijk. The entrance to the building is located in the front facade on the west side. In the middle of the gable, right above the entrance door, there is a window with decorative anchors on either side at the bottom, which mention the foundation year 1667.
On the roof on the west side is a green-coloured roof turret with clockwork and crowned with a spire. This tower dates from 1761. Due to noise nuisance in the neighbourhood, the clockwork and clock have been taken out of service. In the elongated side wall on the south side there are six arched windows and on the east side a round window and an entrance door.
According to Van den Berg, this south facade was still authentic in 1955. On the north side of the church, more than a hundred years after the church was built in 1791, an extension was realized. Restorations took place in 1844 and 2001. The building is no longer in use as a church.
After the renovation of 2003, a restaurant has been established in the building, which is now appropriately named “Het Kerkje”.

High Work

That I ended up here was more or less a coincidence because I had just thought of taking a series of photos of old buildings in the area in an old style, similar to analog photos. The closest object was the Church in Andijk. When I arrived there, I encountered the above situation. In addition, I had as target my NIKON AF-S 18-
300MM II F/3.5-6.3G ED VR DX lens to be tested for this type of photos. This turned out fine, I definitely needed the 300 mm position given the height of the work and the angle at which I wanted to take the photo.

Koepoort Enkhuizen

An outing, an example of the series I’m starting with, the Koepoort in Enkhuizen converted into an old analog atmosphere. I think the atmosphere of the photo fits the old building.

The following photos show you the scene up close above the clock. The focal length I needed to take these photos was actually not that bad, 145 mm. A nice side effect in the composition was the fact that clouds just came in that enliven the image.

If you like this form of photography, give it a try yourself. Stop at a place where work is being carried out and look at beautiful situations to photograph them.


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