After not using it for years, I have now picked up the Fisheye lens again. At the time I had taken pictures with it, but I thought the bias was substantial. In combination with my current software, much can be done about it now, the lens correction in DXO Photolab is phenomenal for this lens. What remains is the special perspective due to the large angle of the lens. On my camera, it has an angle of view of 180 degrees. I use the Samyang 8mm f/3.5 Fisheye IF MC CS-II, a beautiful sharp lens of good quality that has a very low price compared to other brands. In the photo below that creates a dramatic image with a lot of perspective, both in the car and outside the car.

180 degree viewing angle

Another great feature is the large depth of Field. This in combination with the sharpness, in this case it is a prime lens, also makes it extremely suitable for landscapes with a lot of perspective. The photo below demonstrates this. It was taken in almost backlight and focused on the marram grass. Yet the further part of the photo is still sharp enough.

Large depth of field

The large viewing angle gives a dramatic effect to the sky for landscapes with clouds. Sometimes it seems as if the clouds blow into the photo, giving it an illusion of movement. A dramatic effect. Lines of roads and ditches emphasize the depth of the photo. the large viewing angle also increases the sense of depth when you use these elements. You can see this on the photo below but also in the title photo of this article.


For inspiration, here is another video clip with more examples. I have the idea that lens correction has not been applied to these photos, given the barrel distortion. If you want to use that distortion as a creative effect, you can always turn the lens correction off.


Voorbeelden met de Samyang

Bekijk hier de video over de lens. Hiervoor klik je op de knop hier onder.

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