The last time I went out again with the Samyang 8mm lens on my camera, I really enjoyed this. Together with DXO Photolab and the lens you have an iron combination because any distortions of the horizon can be eliminated. Because the program is aimed at creating a straight horizon, other things distort. For example, a cloudy sky seems to suck in the photo, which gives a beautiful effect. Especially in wide landscapes. If you convert the photo to black and white, the accents become even greater. Below an example.

To The Water Bassins

This photo was made at the water basins at the IJsselmeer in Andijk. That day there was a beautiful cloudy sky but what also attracted me was the Fluitenkruid on the ground. I was hoping for the same effect as with the sky and as you see above, the same is created here, as if the plants were rushing into the photo. Another creative solution without too much fuss. Even when you look at the sky on the title photo, it has become beautiful in combination with the dike and the water. The Ultra Wide Angle creates a great perspective. That quickly raised the question of what would happen if I took a close-up photo of something. I decided to try it out with the Rapeseed, which was often present on the dike.

Mountains Of Gold

The result was surprising! Due to the large depth of field, there was a lot of sharpness throughout the entire photo. also here at the edges the flowers seem to want to walk away which gives a nice effect. By sitting down low, the contrasting color of the sky looks nice and the houses on the side of the dike fall away. Another nice application of the 8mm. Now use the lens again at buildings and in the city. Especially try this out yourself, whatever the angle you have. The results will be surprising!

Because the title photos are always displayed a bit darker because of the text that has to be added, here is the title photo without the dark overlay.

Dikeview At Oosterdijk

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