Because the Google Nik Collection can use it freely, I will start a download section of presets for these filters that everyone can use. Here the first 4 presets.

Triptych Blue

With this preset you can make a triptych in Nik Analog Efex. Keep in mind that it is a preset, and like any preset, you usually have to adjust a few things to the photo.


Classic Street

This is also a preset for Analog Efex which has a somewhat bluish hue that gives a distinct atmosphere to street photos. Again, adjust the settings if you want to your photo!

Serious Conversation And A Hat

Street Characters

A general preset for street photos or other as you want, made for Silver Efex. Has beautiful contrast lines without making the shades too hard!

Future Fourteen?

Dark portrait

Sometimes you want to display something dark, also in portraits. This preset was originally used for a portrait in Silver Efex and there are still some control points in it, so you should probably turn it off. I left them in it for the example so you can see what you can do with it. Just play with it before you remove or continue using it.

The Lonely Man In The Window

The presets are packed in a zip file so you first have to unpack them!

You can import these presets directly by clicking on the + in the “Imported” bar. The preset is then placed in that group so that you always know that the preset comes from outside the program and that it is not a self-adjusted preset either. Self-adjusted presets will be placed under the "Custom" category.

Have you made presets that are worth your while? Then send them in via contactform! You can add files to the form.

Download the presets:

analog presets
NIK Software

Install presets

In an article you see step by step how to install presets in the NIK software. In addition, you can watch in a video how that works.

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