Nice to do in this virus time, you are at home and you can get to know your photo software a bit better. Make twirls. I got this through a message on a Facebook page of Luminar. There the Twirls were made in Photoshop and if possible in Photoshop it should also be possible in Affinity Photo. Luminar only comes into play when the colors of the Twirl need to be improved.

After some effort, the Photoshop process can be transferred to Affinity Photo. I made two short films about it, one in Dutch and one in English.

Besides that you can put a lot of creativity in it, it is also just fun to do. The nice thing is that at some point you can better predict the result as a result of the actions you do.

Do you use Photoshop? No problem, I have placed a search link with the videos where you see a lot of Photoshop films on this subject.

For the English viewers among us here under the English version of the tutorial.

Have fun and in the meantime, stay safe and hold on. We beat the virus!

Edited in Luminar



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