Twirls in Affinity Photo

Fun to do in this virus time, you’re home anyway and you can get to know your photo software a little better. Making Twirls. I came up with this idea through a post on a Luminar Facebook page. There the Twirls were made in Photoshop and if it can be done in Photoshop it should also be possible in Affinity Photo. Luminar only comes into play when the colors of the Twirl need to be improved.

After some trial and error, the Photoshop process can be transferred to Affinity Photo. I have made two videos about it, one in Dutch and one in English. It depends if you’re looking on the Dutch or the English page.

Besides the fact that you can put a lot of creativity into it, it’s also just plain fun to do. The nice thing is that at some point you can better predict the result according to the actions you take.

Do you use Photoshop? No problem, I’ve put a search link with the movies where you’ll see many Photoshop movies on this topic.

Have fun watching and in the meantime, stay safe and hang in there. We’re beating the virus!

Het is alleen maar eerlijk om te delen: