The Turf Dynasty is a book that is actually about several things, the old Drenthe as it is shown in Ellert en Brammert in Schoonoord, but also a book that can inspire you to take photos in a certain style.

You can read / view the book in the window above or you can download it below. If you see things for improvement you can respond through the Contact Form.

For those interested, the book is made in Affinity Publisher. It is an extensive publication program but much cheaper than the Adobe products that can do the same.

Well, enough info, read the book and do whatever you want with it. the link to the Silver Efex preset is also there so if you read online you can easily download it. Have fun with it.

Peat Dynasty

A book with photos made in Ellert and Brammert about old Drenthe.

Turf Dynastie English version

A book with photos made in Ellert and Brammert about the old Drenthe.

The photos have been edited with the "Oud Drenthe preset" for Silver Efex. You can download the preset here..



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