When downloading this preset, I promised to tell something about the Control Points, how I use them to adjust the preset to points. Most presets do not need as many adjustments, these more, depending on the photo of what you want as the end result. The photo in the title is an example of an end result, albeit that it is a bit darker because I have set that by default for the header image on my website. I show the result at the end without embezzlement. I start below with the start photo.

Start in Affinity

You can see the photo opened in Affinity Photo, dat is het fotobewerkingsprogramma wat ik gebruik in plaats van Photoshop wat ik te duur vind. Affinity Photo is gelijkwaardig en werkt prachtig snel, dus de moeite waard om eens te bekijken.

I think the photo could use a little more atmosphere and I will apply it with the preset that you can download here, the Street Atmosphere preset for Color Efex. On the download page you will also see a link to an article stating how to install the preset in Color Efex. Below you see the photo in Color Efex with the Street Atmosphere preset selected but without any modification.

In Color efex

You see, this has all changed pretty picture. Some things I will Echer some adjusting. Because of the Glamor Glow, the sharpness has disappeared. the Dark Contrast, on the other hand, has created too much detail in the blurred areas. I will eliminate that with the Control Points. You see it in every setting with one or one - for adding or removing an effect.

Glamour Glow

Above you see green circled that I have placed a checkpoint on the hair. The controller is completely set to 0 and the range is made so large that it only covers the hair. A checkpoint is also color sensitive which also helps with a good selection. The hair has therefore become considerably sharper! In this case this is the only edit that I want to do in the Glamor Glow, as said, often I do more edits but that depends on the photo.

Dark Contrast

Now for the Dark Contrast, this gives details in the dark areas but also in soft areas that are intentionally out of focus and I don't want that. You can see above that I use many Checkpoints to remove this and get the soft background back. To see this again, just compare the letters on the board, you will see a clear difference. I find here that this photo is ready. With another photo I might want a little more. I have one more thing I want to show.

Low Key

I have added the Low Key setting. with this you can not only make the photo dark, but you can also lower the saturation a long way so that you get an almost black and white image. In case you want this, it's stuck in it. as promised, the end result in a clean photo.


You can download the preset here..



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