The making of… Nightswimming vertelt hoe ik ben gekomen tot het maken van de preset voor NIK Color Efex which can transform every day situation into a night situation. You can find a link to the preset to download it here.

As usually with me, the idea starts with the first look at a photo. The photo below was the basis for me to start.

Voor de preset

Op zich vond ik dit beeld best wel mooi maar naar mijn idee kon hij wel iets donkerder en contrastrijker worden weergegeven. Nu had ik dat makkelijk alleen in DXO Photolab kunnen doen maar even doordenkend was ik ook benieuwd hoe deze scene er in de nacht uit zou zien. Het simuleren hiervan zou beter gaan in DXO NIK Color Efex dus ik laadde deze foto daar in en begon te werken, eerst het contrast. In Color Efex kun je de stappen snel terug zien door van boven naar beneden de filters te bekijken die ik heb toegepast.

De stappen in de preset in Color Efex

On the right you see the steps that I apply to the photo. First I adjust the contrast in Pro Contrast. Then a good foundation has already been laid for a good contrast-rich photo. I want to give the dark parts a further accent, this is done with the Dark Contrast filter. The filters are set to the situation in this photo, you can of course experiment with the sliders in other photos or to create other effects. With these two filters it went well to the result I wanted, but I wanted to have an accent on the light in the middle, which simulates moonlight. For this I used the Darken / Lighten venter filter. This filter looks like a vignette, but this filter has more options for fine settings. This way you can place the center of the filter somewhere else than in the middle of the photo.

It was really starting to get something, but I was not satisfied yet. The glow of the light is usually different during the night than during the day, a bit hazier and certainly softer. I brought this effect in with Glamor Glow, which brought just that extra glow that I wanted. Then I added a Low Key filter to make the photo darker. This is not always necessary, you can then switch it off by simply removing the check mark in front of the name of the filter. You can see the effect below.

Het effect

In the end the photo will look like the one below. The photo has been edited with the default settings of the preset but again, you can change everything in the settings.

Na de preset


Nightswimming Preset

For Color Efex

Here you will find the new Nightswimming preset. The image on the right is made with this.

When I looked at the photo I immediately had the title of a song from R.E.M. and that also became the title of the preset. When I watched the video of the 1992 clip, I was surprised to find the same color in many fragments

From a number of readers who are on Flickr I got the question "How come your photos have more blue?" I always tell, play with the settings. For the somewhat bluer photos, I have turned off the LoW Key and the Dark Contrast. This makes the colors a bit brighter. So again, play with the preset. It is a pre-setting that you must always further refine how you want the photo. If that is needed locally, use the control points!

Nightswimming 2

You can see below that the preset can also be used on other photos. The preset has been applied here with the standard settings.


Nightswimming 3

Nightswimming aan het werk


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