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Color and light in street photography

Street Color

More and more you see artistic street photographs in color. This gives them a certain style that was first thought to be achievable only with black and white photography. But dramatic effects can also be achieved with color photography. An…


Groen Limburg

All the photos you can see here were taken in Limburg, especially along the Geul river. You will find a mix of photos of the surroundings, nature, towns and people. The photos


Sheep And Shed Also

Remakes are photos that have been released before but appear in a new edition to see if the quality of the editing is so much different now than it was a few years ago. You can see below. The photos


Old Train Running

. The city has many picturesque canals that do nicely in the photo in combination with the old houses. The photos


Bollards And The Old City

Many photos here were taken at different times in Enkhuizen. The collection is not exhaustive, in the course of time I will place more photos in this section that were made there. The photos


Burning Mountain

Macedonia, now North Macedonia is a beautiful country with much to see. The population is very friendly. The country is quite varied and a wonderful country for photography. The photos


Three Happy Mountain Bikers (Turn and Shoot)

About people in different situation, work, leisure and more. As long as people are the subject. Of course, there are other categories that include people as well. The photos


Urban Speed Cycling

Streets is the first collection of street photography, 464 in number. The street photography series continues with “The Daily Life“. So the number of street photographs is considerable and does reflect my view of street photography. The photos

Gardenfair People


Gardenfair People was made at a garden fair in Midwoud. The main focus is on the people walking around there in all their colors and appearances. The photos


Last Boat To The Misty Mountains

Albania at the time of visits in 2016 was on the one hand a country of great beauty but on the other hand a country of deep poverty. The contrast was great and the country was still dominated by the…