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Middelburg New Cityhall

The urban landscape in photographs. A wide variety of images of how you can see the city. The photographs were made in many cities across The Netherlands. The photos

Pictures of a City

Pictures Of A City, Amersfoort

This series I had once started with a dingy overlay to emphasize the old look of the city. The results were often surprising and beautiful. The photos

Dordrecht in B&W


Dordrecht, a beautiful city rendered in beautiful contrasting black and white photos.All photos have the same style so they form a nice series. The photos

Doesburg In B&W


Doesburg is a beautiful city on the river IJssel and in the old parts of the city I thought it would be appropriate to show the pictures in black and white. The photos

Playing In The Streets

Photos that remind us of the old days when we still played in the streets. Often they were the most beautiful places but we didn’t see that back then. Photos with a nice black and white look. The photos



Urban, cities, towns, agglomerations growing and the image of it. The subject is similar to street photography but more focused on the living and working environment. The photos

Pictures of home

pictures of home

For the photo album, old pictures from home, at least, that’s how it could have been. Black and white in old tones and grain. The photos