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An Old Card


During a tour of some beautiful places the idea came up to photograph old buildings, the idea developed further by also giving the photos an old look. The first photo is the title photo and I was surprised by the…

Desatured Series


Originating from a conversation about colorful photographs, I started experimenting with the saturation of photographs. The goal is to develop my own look that has less bright, but still recognizable colors. Perhaps the look is not suitable for all photos…



Rugged or desolate, in any case not much touched by people or it is but with a certain inhospitality. You can see these photos here. The photos


Groen Limburg

All the photos you can see here were taken in Limburg, especially along the Geul river. You will find a mix of photos of the surroundings, nature, towns and people. The photos

Social Abstinance


Social Abstinence is a series of photographs created by the smart lockdown in the spring of 2020. You can see the entire series here. When the measures were relaxed in July 2020, the series stopped. The photos were all edited…

Gardenfair People


Gardenfair People was made at a garden fair in Midwoud. The main focus is on the people walking around there in all their colors and appearances. The photos

The Daily Shot

daily shot

The Daily Shot is an album that came about when I just got my Sony RX100, the idea was to take a picture daily now that I had such a small quality camera. In part this worked out and you…

Grave Sessions

Grave Sessions originated when I went to photograph an old cemetery. It was busy there, there was also a group of painters who were painting there, a special sight between the graves. Many photos were post-processed in Color Efex for…



The Schermer, a beautiful polder with a combination of old and new landscape and of course its mill. It seemed right to dedicate a separate album to it. The series was very popular at the time of posting. The photos

Playing In The Streets

Photos that remind us of the old days when we still played in the streets. Often they were the most beautiful places but we didn’t see that back then. Photos with a nice black and white look. The photos