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Winter, besides being cold, is also beautiful to look at. Often you have to pay attention to the settings of your camera. Usually 1 stop overexposure because the sensor is fooled by the glistening ice and snow layers. The photos

Ice Structures


With a big winter the most beautiful ice structures appear. They are photogenic because of their shape but also because of their colors and with the sun there is a magical shimmer. The photos

Cormorants on the ice

On Ice

During a brisk winter, you often get the great opportunity to get closer to animals because they want to stay close to food. So too with a group of Cormorants that had sought out open water in the city, in…

Iceworms for Silver Efex


This preset, as the name suggests, is excellent for ice photos like the one accompanying this item. It gives an otherworldly effect to ice photos but may work the same way on other items. You can download the preset below.…

Ship in an ice storm

Koele stuurhut

During the search for nice subjects you sometimes come across the most unusual situations. I was in the harbor of Den Oever looking for ice structures for my series on Flickr when I saw a totally frozen ship. It was…