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Most interesting 60 photos acording to Flickr

kotor bay

It sounds interesting, most interesting, but it’s a term from Flickr where they somehow value photos. This is done according to some foggy algorithm that no one has any influence over. Creepy, but still, here’s the photo that I’m talking…

Nieuwste foto’s

My latest photos published on Flickr. Just for the record and so you can see what I’m currently working on. The photos

Photo’s in a gallery

Conversation In Low Key (Jan Akkerman and Coen Molenaar)

At Flickr, someone who is also a member can put your photos in a gallery. People usually do that because they find a particular photo beautiful or special. At some point I decided to include my own photos in this…

Most Viewed

Reflecting Albania

At Flickr, I also created an album of my most viewed photos. These are the 60 photos of mine that have attracted the most viewers. For example, the title photo has 11776 views at the time of writing. The photos

The Most fav’s

The Sky Is The Limit

At Flickr you can give favorites to photos you like. These are the 60 photos of mine that have received the most favorites. For example, the title photo has 3908 favorites at the time of writing. The photos

Signing your photo, how do you do it?


Digital signature In an already older article I had already discussed the usefulness of a digital signature. I wrote this then because I saw so many cluttered and large watermarks on photos which I thought was just a shame. The…

Beginnings 2020

Beginnings 2020

Now that the world has been turned upside down by a virus, you would almost forget it, but it is also spring. Everything is budding and starting to grow and blossom with the most beautiful colors. Reason enough to continue…

Revision pictures Macedonia ready


The overhaul of the photos of Macedonia is finished. All the photos with the wrong logo have been addressed and refreshed, most of them with the new logo. I only addressed the oldest photos still taken with my D200, photos…

Revision of photos


In my previous article I talked about remakes of photos. In remakes, I give the photo a bit more of a different look than in a regular revision. The title photo is an example of this. But regular revisions also…

The green nature


On November 24 we were in Drenthe where there was still plenty of autumn to be seen. In itself a wonderful sight but it was even more wonderful when we came across this fresh green field. Because of the calm…