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Hiding My Eggs For Easter

Animals are beautiful, they are fun and occasionally difficult to photograph because of their mobility. Boendlien they are very fun in their actions. The photos


Enough Darkness, Let's Look For Some Light

The small world at large with real minimal 1 on 1 photos, on the sensor that is. This means that the final photograph will show the subject many times larger. The photos


Catching The Last sun

Nature, a broad term. Later on, specific categories were created for plants and animals but here is still a group together. This category will probably not grow much more. The photos

Swan in Ice

Ice Mirror

A very short series about swans swimming amidst the black ice on a ditch. The 4 photos beautifully depict the stateliness of the animals. The photos


Hey Bro, Our Key Is Pretty Low!

Hoenderdaell is a beautiful zoo in Anna Paulowna. It is still fairly small-scale and the animals are as accessible as possible so it is pleasant to take pictures of the animals. In a separate article I will tell something about…

Animals around the IJsselmeer

Ten Geese And A Soft Wintersun

Around the IJsselmeer many animals can be found and gradually I want to finish this series. A number of animals were photographed under beautiful conditions and you can see those pictures here. The photos

Animals in Black and White


This series came about when I once saw a photo exhibition with old photos of Artis. I have always been a fan of black and white and animal photos in black and white had a special character for me. I…



It’s still fun, editing people and animals until they look like some kind of cartoon character. With certain software it is possible to apply plastic deformations and this kind of picture you see here. The photos

Animal Preset for Color Efex

Animal Preset I created once to give my color animal pictures a nice bright look and to display details nicely. With this preset I do work a lot with Control Points, to make effects work locally. It also picks up…

Animal Portrait for Silver Efex

Animal Portrait is a preset that you can use in Silver Efex that gives the photo an old look, I find it particularly suitable for animal portraits. I made the preset to use with animals where the fine texture keeps…