Wondring in kleur

Street photography with analog effect

The new version of the NIK Collection and some street photos actually made me rediscover Analog Efex. The funny thing is that this part of the collection is the most underestimated while it is a very powerful part with many effects built in.

I wanted to show my street photos in color again, but with a creative analog touch. A few years ago I already started with “Framed on the streets” and I have now continued,
it said that the analog effects have been used a bit more now and more other effects are used to create a certain impression.

An additional effect is that I am getting more and more experience with Analog Effects. As usual, I don’t want to keep this process a secret. There will also be a number of articles about Analog Efex, perhaps also some downloads in the form of presets.

I have already published a number of photos, which you can view below. Furthermore, a link to the Flickr category where it started a few years ago and now, after standing still for a while, is being picked up again but then more elaborated.


Creating Vintage Camera styles with Analog Efex Pro

An introduction to all the possibilities in Analog Efex

Het is alleen maar eerlijk om te delen: