Many questions I get are about street photography. The questions often show that many people do not know what it is. The confusion is naturally also caused by the term that makes people think that every photo taken on the street is a street photo. Now you notice, if I put it this way, that I think it is not. a photo of an empty street or a building is not street photography.

What is it then? In the general definition there are always people in the photo. In addition, it must be possible to turn the photo into a small story. Now making the story of course also depends on the imagination of the viewer, but you can control the story nicely by subjects around it. For example, you can use shop windows and posters on the street and then photograph how people react to them. For example, you can also look for contradictions between the person and the poster or, on the contrary, similarities.

Street photography is not necessarily the same as candid photography. In candid photography you photograph the person without him noticing. With street photography you can also ask people to pose for you. An example is the photo below. The man is fully aware that he is being photographed, he is looking at me. The surprise on his face is because I said "pepper" to him. See the sign above his head. That way you can also provoke situations in the environment

The surprise on his face


See the sign above him


Furthermore, ensure that the situations appeals to the imagination. A man who just walks is of course not that special, or the man must be that on his own. It becomes different when he carries a big suit, creating the story. Then you can think of everything. What's in the suit? Where is he taking it?

Also have a look at the photo of this article. There are several elements in this that can make a story, find them out for yourself.

What is happening?


There are many stories to make of this

Straatfotografie, wat is het?

When you are photographing someone you should not be afraid. Most people find it fun or interesting. A few will not like it. Then don't worry and remove the photo from the camera under his or her watchful eye. I only had to do that once.

And now? Up the street. Show your stories that you encounter along the way. There are plenty of them.

Although? For inspiration a few recent examples on film.



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