This preset is perhaps a bit strange at first glance, but you can also develop black and white photos in Color Efex.

The preset is specially made to create soft contrasts. The first version of the preset does that on the dark side, while sometimes the photo may not be too "black". That is why I have made a second version that is lighter.

Below an example of a photo that has been edited with this preset. By clicking on it you can see it large and you can quickly switch back and forth between both photos to see the differences.

Download the preset:

If you click on the photo below you can see it on Flickr and see the responses to the photo.

Alone In Elements

If you want to experiment with the preset, then you just have to do that. The settings always go back to the standard position. If you make something beautiful, save it. Do you want to share the preset? That is possible via this website, then give me a message,

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Install presets

In an article you see step by step how to install presets in the NIK software. In addition, you can watch in a video how that works.

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