As of 1-6-2020 I have completed the series “Social Abstinance”. As of that date, the corona measures have been expanded and the streetscape has also changed considerably. We have now moved from Social Abstinance to Social Distancing, a different picture. People are allowed on terraces again and small groups are allowed again.

The series clearly evoked a certain sense of recognition. Most of the photos were taken on the street. For all photos I used the same technique to finish them to get a uniform image. You can view the result below.

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Whether I do such a series again? Who knows, it shouldn't become a habit. This was fun to make but still, 79 days was quite a long time to be busy with a topic and in principle it was not the most pleasant topic. Anyway, the period is documented and that's what it was all about.

The title photo is the true champion photo from this series. At the time of writing, it has been viewed 66,000 times at Flickr. In addition, a number of times on Instagram but I don't know the number. Feel free to look around everywhere, in a few years we will say "Oh yes, remember? ...".

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