This download contains three Silver Efex presets that I use a lot with street photography. This package contains four institutions with a different atmosphere and appearance.

  • Street Ilford 50 simulates, as the name suggests, Ilford 50 film with grain and the same brightness as the film.
  • Street characters make contrasts stand out well and accentuate character in the photo
  • Street clear, as the name implies, takes a clear photo of shadow parts in the photo so that a subject that is in it is not lost.
  • Moody preset gives the photo a lot of character due to its contrast and coarse grain. I usually highlight the main topic with Control Points. Currently my favorite street photo preset that is also used in the article photo.

Download and install the presets, the link to instructions is below. You are free to use them in your photos. Also try adjusting them to your own taste. If you want to make them available, you can do this on this website via contact.

Here a few photos as an example.

Silver Efex presets straatfotografie
Silver Efex presets straatfotografie
The Hairy And The Hooded
Silver Efex presets straatfotografie
Carrot Trousers And An Approaching Giant
Silver Efex presets straatfotografie
The Road To Jesus Is A Long One, You Better Take A Motorbike!
Silver Efex presets straatfotografie
Silver Efex presets street photography

There are three Silver Efex presets in this download.



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