Koele stuurhut

Ship in an ice storm

During the search for nice subjects you sometimes come across the most unusual situations. I was in the harbor of Den Oever looking for ice structures for my series on Flickr when I saw a totally frozen ship.

It was the only boat what was there in that state so that did raise some questions. How had this happened? Where did it happen? After walking around and asking questions in the harbor, a fisherman from another ship was able to tell me more.

The ship had been on its way to do, what fisherman usually do, fish. However, the strong wind and the severe frost came sooner than expected. Now this is normally not such a problem, a ship can handle a lot, but of course there are limits to what the ship can handle. The ship can handle a lot, but of course there are limits to what it can do. the frost, but especially the combination with the strong wind, caused the ice to grow faster than expected. the wind also caused accumulations of ice that were invisible from the outside. After some time the ship got stuck in the ice and was absorbed into the ice mass. Of course help was called for by radio, but it took some time to get there. In the meantime, this icy fisherman’s monument formed in the middle of the sea.

The photos were taken in the harbor of Den Oever where the ship was moored at the quay. The thickness of the ice is striking. You shouldn’t think about being exposed to these elements.


Het is alleen maar eerlijk om te delen: