During the search for fun topics you sometimes come across the most unusual situations. In the port of Den Oever, for example, I was looking for ice structures for my series on Flickr when I saw a totally frozen ship lying there.

It was the only boat in that state, so that raised some questions. How did this happen? Where had this happened? After walking around and asking in the harbor, a fisherman from another ship managed to tell me more.

The ship had been en route to fish, what fishermen usually do. However, the strong wind and the severe frost came earlier than expected. now this is not normally a problem, a ship can handle a lot, but there are of course limits to what the ship can handle. Due to the frost but especially the combination with the strong wind, the ice grew faster than expected. due to the wind, there were also accumulations of ice that could not be seen from the outside. After a while the ship got stuck in the ice and was taken up in the ice mass. Of course, help was requested via the radio, but it was on its way for a while. In the meantime, this icy fisherman monument was created in the middle of the sea.

The photos were taken in the port of Den Oever where the ship was docked. The thickness of the ice is striking. You should not think about being exposed to these elements as a human being.


Bepaal de route hier.

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