Like many others it turned out, I had gone to the IJsselmeer to photograph the moon that should be beautiful red and we should be able to see a lunar eclipse. Many were with me. Dogs played on the beaches and in the water, after all, the temperature was still 30 degrees when I arrived. I was there at the same time as a woman who was going to take photos with a good compact camera. Moments later a young woman came with an SLR camera. We stayed together for a while and exchanged views. One was "where does the moon rise?" Now I knew from experience that it had to be in the southeast so we decided to walk a bit to an open part of the IJsselmeer. So tripod on the back, camera on my side and walking through the soft sand.

It soon became apparent that we were not the only ones who had searched for the space here, which is logical because you have a wonderfully wide view. It was only 21 hours, so time enough to install. Setting up a tripod, attaching the camera and putting everything on manual operation, otherwise the lighting will fool you. I had decided to work with Live View and with the remote control to prevent vibrations. I had already set the camera to ISO 200, aperture f11 and my estimation was that with this setting the shutter speed would be limited. It should not, of course, be too long, otherwise you will have an elliptical moon with motion blur. Amazing how fast that thing is still moving. Everything was set up, now wait!

The wait soon seemed to take a long time, and the peek at the dark sky became bored quickly. There was, however, some doubt as to whether we were looking in the right direction. In the meantime, my neighbor and I decided to take some pictures of Medemblik at dusk. In the meantime, a few on my other side started taking posed photos, which occasionally produced ridiculous poses. I have not photographed this because I knew that I was going to write this story and to put them in the picture was a bit too much for me. In the meantime, a man, he had taken his dog with him, had started to throw a ball where his dog then ran after him with a bleed. This went well until the poor animal had to make an emergency stop so as not to collide with my tripod. All in all, all those situations brought a lot of laughter, but the moon just didn't come. I don't know if it was boredom, but at a certain point someone started flashing to the sky with his camera as if he wanted to evoke the moon gods. This didn't work.

After an hour and a half the young woman, meanwhile accompanied by her boyfriend, put an end to it and wanted to go. Still we got into conversation. She saw how I was doing manual settings and asked why that was. Of course I told everything about the lighting that is being fooled by the dark sky and more. She had unfortunately not learned that on her photo course. As a consolation, I then taught her that this time you can take beautiful pictures of water with slow shutter speeds, creating a beautiful haze. That way we were busy for a while and we both made nice pictures.

Until one day a German woman announced that the moon was on the other side of the dyke. You can't actually believe it, but there was a red glow through the trees. We hurried in that direction and the hope grew that it was true. A few hundred meters the disappointment came, it was a lamppost that had a somewhat bad start but that was now fully lit. We decided to go home and everyone went his own way.

Below you can view a few more photos that were made during those very nice encounters. Hope to see you all at the next phenomenon, or just because it's fun!


Wel rood, geen maan
Red, not a moon


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