The revision of the photos of Macedonia is ready. All photos with the wrong logo have been tackled and refreshed, most of them with the new logo.

I only tackled the oldest photos that were taken with my D200, photos from 2013. The more recent photos do not need that, although I might also do things differently with those photos if I were to take them again. With this set of photos I discovered that I gave all photos a very warm tint in 2013. Something I didn't do as standard anymore. This has now been adjusted in those photos.

Below you will immediately see the examples of the photos, the elders are at the top and those are the ones that have been overhauled. In the course of time much has changed in the software adaptation that I do and the photos are now clearer and sharper than before. The big difference with before is that I have switched from Adobe software, I do not like the subscription construction, and have completely switched to DXO software. See also my article “Revision of photos“.


Of course I also came across a number of RAW files that I had not yet published. I have released a number now and perhaps more will follow that are certainly worth it. An example of this is the title photo of this article. In addition, there is a chance that there are a few remakes coming.

I will continue slowly with this revision until all photos with an ugly watermark have been replaced. I do not yet know which album it will be next, but as soon as something is ready you will be notified.



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