In this download 11 presets are included that I made for portraits. They may also be applicable for other things, but you can try that for yourself. Again, don't forget: A preset is a preset, you probably have to adjust it to the characteristics of your photo. So learn all possible settings well by playing a lot with them and seeing the effect. You can read how to install them in an article whose link is at the bottom of the article.

Below the download you can see the examples of the presets with the names. You can determine which preset you want to install based on the images. Click on the photo to enlarge it.

Portrait presets for Silver Efex

Download the file here. It is packed as a ZIP. It contains 11 presets.


The start photo

Antique portrait

An old antique look

Dark portrait

In some cases, beautiful and mysterious


Expressive in light and dark parts

Expressive vignetting

Basically the same as expressive but with vignet


Clear details


An imitation of the Ilford 50 film


The classic portrait with vignette


A portrait with a nice soft grain

Light tone

A light color on the photo gives it an old character

Street character

My preset for my street portraits

For Business

Business portrait
Donker portret
Expressief met lichtafval
Ilford 50
Lichte toon
Straat karakter
nik collection dxo

Install presets in the NIK Collection

Look here how it should be done!

In the article you get a step by step explanation and you end with a video. Enough information to see how this is done.



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