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When I was asked if I would consider a photo editing program and a completely free portrait editor, I was intrigued. After researching, I came up with one name- PhotoDiva photo editing software. I wanted to see if something you can get for free would actually be worth using as part of your editing routine.

Having used the software, I can confidently say that Photodiva is an excellent editing program for those who value their time and other resources. It is one of the most efficient ways of editing that I can find. Once you get used to it, you will definitely discover how great it is.

In this article, we will write about this PhotoDiva Photo editing software which is rare to find in its price range.


A first example, here I have edited a photo with a default setting and made the eyes bluer. By moving the middle bar you can easily see the difference.

What you also can see is that this photo was edited with the free version of Photodiva, at the bottom there is a slight watermark. Of course, if you take that into account in advance you can easily remove it.


You’re probably wondering what’s so great about this software. What can the PhotoDiva portrait editor do?

Whether you want to retouch a beauty photo or enhance photos of your friends and family, this software will definitely do the trick. Using AI technology combined with the ease of one-click retouching, this free portrait software is perfect for those new to portrait photography. And PhotoDiva can certainly take a big burden off those who are constantly inundated with tons of photos to retouch, thanks to PhotoDiva’s technology, many of the editing processes are now a one-click thing.

PhotoDiva offers you a great opportunity to explore this area of photo editing further and in more detail.


Another example, here we have edited a photo with a default setting and removed a spot on the face. The retouch tool only works in the paid version but with the clone brush you can also go a long way. By moving the middle bar you can easily see the difference. Note a spot on her cheek.

Retouch automatically

When it comes to skin retouching, you have several one-click options. This feature is common in many photo editing software. You’ll be impressed that these are quite restrained compared to other skin smoothing presets you’ve used. The AI finds the facial features effective and the “General Enhancement” preset did a good job of smoothing the skin without going over the top. The AI of this software knows exactly what to use for which facial features. This helps you create more efficient editing results.

For those who want a more natural approach, there is another preset called “Light Enhancement” which is great for a lighter retouch that still enhances the skin. The other way around: For those who prefer a glamorous look, there is a “Glamour Portrait” preset that could be just what you are looking for.

If you’re starting out, it’s this kind of simplicity that people look for in their portrait editing software. However, if you want to get more advanced, you can turn to custom skin retouching. There are plenty of presets to suit your needs.

General editing

PhotoDiva has the manual editing part that it calls “basic editing”. The basic editing works well and is easy to use. You will find all the basic editing features you want to use. For those who are new to editing, the addition of these tools allows you to do the entire edit in one piece of software. The ability to adjust individual colors is great.

The color tools are something more associated with high-end software, so it’s nice to see them included. This is not expected in some cheaper editing programs.

The ability to create black and white images with these advanced color controls is another great feature. There is also the ability to create a negative, which, while nice to see, is something you may struggle with in everyday editing. This feature makes your work easier. You no longer have to struggle.

Adding vignettes is also easy. I know vignettes are something you love or hate, but they’re great for techniques like face highlighting. PhotoDiva has a number of options that you can explore. The options allow you to explore different perspectives on your photo. This provides more possibilities for your photos.

Pro version

While the free version of PhotoDiva is great to start with, there are also two paid versions of the software that give you more options: Pro and Ultimate. They certainly have some exclusive perks that you don’t get in a free version.

Virtuele make-up is een van de betaalde functies. Dit is de achilleshiel van sommige portretbewerkers omdat dit effect nogal opzichtig overkomt, maar PhotoDiva toont opmerkelijke terughoudendheid met de make-upgereedschappen. Deze make-upgereedschappen omvatten lippenstift, oogschaduw, blusher, highlighter en bronzer. Ook deze worden met een enkele sleepbeweging aangebracht, zodat er geen handmatige selectie nodig is.

If you have ever photographed with poor lighting, you may be familiar with the flat face effect. Many people have experienced this. There is a way to get rid of it with the Add Dimension tool.

Despite its cryptic name, this tool is nothing more than a highlight and shadow controller that gives the model’s face much-needed depth and contrast.

This completely eliminates your low light problem.


It is difficult to judge editing software just by reading a review. So I recommend using this software and then forming your own opinion. See if it meets your needs. For some, the free version will already suffice, otherwise the paid version is not very expensive either. The pro version costs less than €30 until January 15. You then also have lifetime free updates.

Happy editing.

Below is the link to Photodiva so you can try everything for yourself.

Another example of the face reconstruction feature some of which works in the free version. I would say, find the difference and color the pictures.

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