One of the reasons why many users praise the RX100 is because it is great for street photography, that is, for taking candid photos in public places, often without the subject being aware of your activity. The camera has various functions that make it suitable for this type of work. It is small, lightweight and unobtrusive in appearance, so it can easily be held casually in the photographer's hand or hidden. The 28 mm wide-angle lens is perfect for taking a wide field of view, so that you can shoot from the hip without carefully framing the image on the screen. The f / 1.8 lens lets in a lot of light and performs well at high ISO settings, so you can use a relatively short shutter speed to prevent camera shake. You can almost silence the camera by turning off the beeps and the shutter sound.

You can experiment with your basic exposure settings. I recommend shooting in Shutter Priority mode with a reasonably fast shutter speed, such as 1/100 second or faster, to stop street action and prevent camera shake. You can set ISO to Auto or possibly use a high ISO setting, in the range of 800 or so, if you don't like visual noise. I chose Auto ISO because I take my photos in RAW and my software has excellent noise reduction.

You can also rely on the more automatic settings. For example, you could use the setting for sports photography.

When this was all figured out on the street to try it out. I am very satisfied with the settings. The photos in this article were made with the settings that I mention above. I have saved this in a recallable memory location. I can call it up quickly every time I need it. I also made a variant with an adjustable aperture and largely the same settings to be able to shoot with a very small aperture.

I had to get used to shooting through a screen. All my other cameras have a viewfinder. However, this got used quickly and taking photos by the hand was quickly used. Here in this article you can see the first results. I am satisfied with it for now. The refinement now comes naturally.



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