Often people label a composition as failed if there is something between the subject and the photographer when the photo is taken. However, you can also use it. This often results in an interesting image, which gives the photo atmosphere and structure. Such as the title photo of this article.

The ball is inextricably linked to the girl in it. the splashes on the ball give a blurred transparency, which is accentuated by the slightly wrinkled plastic. Instead of hindering the overall image, the image is strengthened by the drops and the plastic. Moreover, the gray tones in the black and white version of this photo are softer.

Another situation that is easy to use is mirroring. You can use the reflective image yourself without the original, but you can also display both, which can produce a separate effect. Another example of this.

Objecten gebruiken
Water stains and surfaces in the ball
Objecten gebruiken
Use reflection

In the example above, the window is clean, but dirty windows can also add a lot. The photo below was taken through a dirty window of an elevator. The combination with the light and the gaze of the woman together create an alienating atmosphere. Many people wonder what happens there in the photo.

Objecten gebruiken
Through a stained window

These are just a few examples. Try it for yourself by photographing through other objects for a day. You are often surprised by the effect it can have.

The title photo has been edited with the People Gotta Move preset for Silver Efex. You can download it below on this website. You can also download the photos on Flickr, if you use them you must state my name and a link to my website.



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