Today I went on the road again to take this series of street photos. Another great opportunity to test the settings of my Sony RX100. I had only done this briefly on an earlier occasion and now I have taken a closer look at more circumstances. I performed the tests both indoors and outdoors and in a specially made setting, the sport setting and the setting made at a lower shutter speed. After a first glance at the results, some already dropped out. I made that with a so-called "hipshot" but then you are not always sure of the result, although I am still pretty accurate in this way.

After looking at the images on the computer, the settings that I had previously made with the settings made turned out to be the best. I suspect that this has to do with the shutter speed of 1/200 second. At 1/100 second there was still occasional motion blur in the image (unplanned) that I did not have at a higher speed. In sports mode, the results were also reasonable, but I sometimes lost depth of field due to the automatically selected aperture.

Incidentally, today was the first time that I had to erase a photo at the request of someone I had photographed and who did not want this. If this happens to you, simply comply with that request. It is of course a person's right to ask that.

When you look on Flickr look below the photo and you see the camera information, view the settings for each photo, I always like to learn something from it.

Walking in Fences On A Friday

The flash has not been used. If you want to see more details, you can click on "Show EXIF" and you will see a lot of further technical details of the photo. Below some good results of the day, most of them also appear on Flickr.

Walking On Clouds


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