Yesterday was the announcement of a large package of measures to curb the corona virus, COVID-19. One of the measures is social abstinence and distance from each other. That results in empty streets with a few individuals. An almost unreal image.

I myself belong to the risk group, which means that I also have to go out as little as possible. Once a day I go for a walk for the much needed movement. The camera will of course last.

The idea was there from the beginning, only the idea had no name yet. This came while I was on the road and noticed that people kept each other at bay. You could clearly see that the route was chosen on the basis of other walkers, preventing people from meeting each other.

Abstinence 2

The series will be performed in dark black and white. What I come across will be largely a coincidence because I will only be on the road for an hour. If I don't meet anyone, they'll be pictures of empty streets. I try to accentuate loneliness by highlighting the main character or the main subject in the photo. The example in the photo above clearly shows that, the person walks in the light as it gets darker around him further away from him.

In the example below you see the same technique with couples, the people belong together but are still in social isolation from the rest of their environment.

Abstinence 3

The full series can be seen below. during the days until April 6, 2020 the series will grow daily.

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In the meantime, stay safe and hang on. We beat the virus!

Social Abstinence 1


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