The photos that I have published on the internet since 2013 have been made with many different cameras and many different software versions. This made me curious whether with today's software better versions of photos can be made as in the past.

The fact is that over the years the software has had many more options. In addition, the Adobe software changed to cloud versions for which you have to pay a lot each month, so in the meantime I switched to Affinity and DXO software. I will show an original photo and a remake of two photos.

Compare the original and remake situation here

Sheep And Shed
Sheep And Shed Also
Sheep And Shed

Here you see the old editing on the left and the new on the right. On the right you see more variation, not only in color, but also in light. A major gain from local improvement tools in current software. In addition, sharpening and noise reduction have also improved considerably in quality compared to 5 years ago. Below another example.

Behind A Wire

You can clearly see fresh colors here, a balance in light and shade and excellent sharpness. these were a bit less in the old version. That of course was also a bit due to the rain effect I had given it, but the overall image is still a better quality of the photos with the current software.

In Drizzle Behind A Wire

Because of this I come to the conclusion that it is quite worthwhile to improve certain dear photos with new software, especially photos that are years old.


All remakes are in a separate photo category. You can view them via the button below.

Sheep And Shed Also


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