The first 5 photos of a new series have now been published. I was actually on my way to make some shots of rainy streets when the weather changed on the way. Then I saw the fairly empty streets and that reminded me of the past, how we played and fantasized as children on the street. Sometimes that was of course an empty street.

Soon I was busy taking photos that matched those thoughts. The things we did and what we fantasized came by in a very short period of time. I'm moving fast because I had the light Sony RX100 with me, easy to set up, a fast camera that delivers good results in many situations. As it appears now, not too good weather, because the big clouds are everywhere.

Soon I had a nice anthology of things that I had once done or experienced in the past. It is certainly my plan to expand the series. I have disconnected the photos from my old hometown but I assume recognizable events. This allows me to take these kinds of photos everywhere.

Perhaps this approach can also be applied to other topics, at least I can recommend everyone to give it a try. Taking photos in this way is fun, even if only because of all the memories that come up.

Below you can see the growing collection of photos. On Flickr it contains the description of the reminder or event.

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