I have created a new group on Flickr , "Show me your EXIF!". In the image with this article you see the logo I made for the group, an X whose upper two arms hide the information, referring to EXIF information.

Closed X.

All photos have EXIF information. The information gives you a lot of data about the settings of the camera but also of the software program that last touched the photo. It is probably the program that uploaded the photo to Flickr. By default, if EXIF info is enabled, Flickr will show the most important information about settings used to take the photo.

EXIF info in beeld bij de foto

Above you can see that the photo was made with the Sony 7 M3. It has a lens of 28-75 mm and it has been set to 75 mm during the taking of the photo. The aperture is f8, enough to get more focus before and after the focus point, an average depth of field. The other details speak for themselves. There is also a link to "Show EXIF", if you click on this you will usually get a good list of technical information that comes from the camera and the software that edited the photo. A good source of information if you want to see how the photo was made.

Now I have searched for a group that would be focused on this and I have not found one. That is why I thought it was time to start it yourself. Below you can see the latest photos of that group, but you can of course also visit.

In this group you only see photos with EXIF information so that you can see how the photo was taken. To see the info, you have to see the photos on Flickr. Here you can see the newest photo, if you click on it you can view the photos in bulk. You can switch back and forth between the photos with the arrows at the bottom on the side. You can also navigate with the arrow keys or swipe. You will see 20 photos per set, the photos are sorted from new to old.

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