Funny Walks

Music now on Youtube as well

I had started making music for videos. After a while I had more music than videos so I decided to also put my music on Youtube with visualizations. These are moving images set to music. I enclose the first 2 productions below so you can view them from this website.

Heartbeat Of Mother Earth (take care of it!)

This first one is also a special one, my first long piece and Ambient music. Fun to make and of course very suitable for this kind of images. The second one is a bit more experimental.

Funny Walks

The second video has music I made with Glitchmachines. These are synthesizers that are focused on designing a new sound. Sound Design is the term usually used for this. An experimental look to the video is therefore appropriate.

In the future I hope to publish many more of these productions so this is just a taste. Stay tuned to the website if you want to see more!

Het is alleen maar eerlijk om te delen: