Music for video

I have made a number of videos that can be seen on my channel. As of the last video, I decided to start making my own music again. That’s what I used to do, so it’s easy to pick that up again. Obviously not much has changed in that software. Only the name of the type of programs, nowadays they call them DAW which is short for Digital Audio Workstation.

Now I didn’t have any software at all and I wasn’t planning on spending much either. Now there are a lot of very good and free DAWs on the market Obviously someone has already figured that out for us, the link is below.

Although he is not very at the top of the list I started with Soundbridge, a program I quickly got used to, probably because of its structure. On YouTube there are many video instructions about Soundbridge. Within no time I mastered the program, which is of course encouraging. With this I’m just saying, choose a program that seems to appeal to you and not because it’s at the top of a list. Currently I use Cakewalk because it is more comprehensive.

In addition, of course, you need some instruments, with Soundbridge you immediately get a beautiful drum machine, Ritmix. More instruments can be found for free on the website VST 4 Free where there are a large number of instruments to download but also sound effects that you can link to your instruments.

below are some tracks produced with Cakewalk

I made Gymnopodie and Le Piccadilly in a different version due to a discussion about music, I always argued that you could stick to the music and still make a completely different atmosphere. I think I’ll fill a playlist with Satie first.

Het is alleen maar eerlijk om te delen: