Music for film

Once upon a time I started making videos of my street photos. In the meantime many videos have been posted, most of them with music by others. I have now taken up music making again and this is the first version of a video about a “nervous breakdown”. I use various software for this as I have already described in an earlier article. At some point I will elaborate on that so you can get some tips for good audio software that is free. Below is my latest work on Soundcloud. You may download and use it freely.

In the future, there will be productions that are a little more pleasing to the ear, or at least quieter than this song, but then again, this one was quite specific.

Besides Soundcloud you can find my music on Pixabay and Bandlab, where I also have the free production environment Cakewalk. You can of course also look at these sites at others, especially on Pixabay all the music is free to download.

Here below is another link to the same music on Bandlab. Can you compare what the different links look like. Pixbay does not support embedding yet.

In a next article I will give some more tips for setting up your own studio.

Het is alleen maar eerlijk om te delen: