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Multi Film Preset, how it works

The Multi Film preset for Color Efex is mainly aimed at getting an effect of old film with quite a bit of grain. In addition, it needed to blur the color a bit and have the ability to create different moods. I think that worked out well. The only thing that people sometimes find confusing is that there are five filters that can influence the color. Below I explain why. I will only discuss the filters with color settings, Vignette and Glamour Glow speak for themselves. We start with the Infrared Film setting.

In the Infrared setting there are settings in color and black and white. Infrared can give a positive or negative image just like in film. Actually the only setting you need to experiment with is the Method setting. Here you choose between a number of color and black and white effects. Note that the effects are mixed with the basic photo, so with black and white you don’t get a black and white photo but a mixed photo of color and black and white. By the way, the entire preset is set so that the three individual filters have equal effect on the photo.

Infrared Film

Old Photo gives you a number of effects, as the name suggests, to give a photo an old look. Grain is already set but of course you can adjust that to your own taste. The setting with the most impact here is Style. It simulates some old movies in terms of toning and the setting, in combination with the Infrared already set, gives a dramatic effect.

Old Photo
Old Photo

Cross Processing simulates this old technique with chemicals and gives an extra tint to the picture. With all the above changes you can see before you set it during the change on the screen what the outcome is of a particular change.

Cross Processing
Cross Processing

Below you can see everything once more in a nutshell in a video.

Na de preset


Here you will find the new Multi Film preset. The image on the right was made with this.

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