Bollards And The Old City

Many photos here were taken at different times in Enkhuizen. The collection is not exhaustive, in the course of time I will place more photos in this section that were made there. The photos


Catching The Last sun

Nature, a broad term. Later on, specific categories were created for plants and animals but here is still a group together. This category will probably not grow much more. The photos



Sports is such a subject that there is a separate branch of photographers for it. It remains a challenge to capture action and moments well. The photos


Almost Complementary Colors

Photographs made for the sake of color. Sometimes colors and conbination are so telling that they can be subjects in themselves, as in these photographs. The photos


Having Fun in the backseat

Cars in the general classic class. The photos were mostly taken at exhibitions, especially in Medemblik, the Oldtimerdag. The photos


Wachten in de regen

A series of photos about Woudrichem, the small town sandwiched between rivers. The town has a beautiful old town center with a picturesque harbor. The photos


Burning Mountain

Macedonia, now North Macedonia is a beautiful country with much to see. The population is very friendly. The country is quite varied and a wonderful country for photography. The photos


Authentic State

Buildings is a rewarding subject, there are many of them and they do not run away. In addition, they have a wide variety. Here are a few as examples. The photos


Three Happy Mountain Bikers (Turn and Shoot)

About people in different situation, work, leisure and more. As long as people are the subject. Of course, there are other categories that include people as well. The photos


Time Bubbles

Atmospheric contains photographs that have been put into a certain atmosphere in their finishing or by composition. This gives them a distinct look that I hope will accentuate the subject matter. The photos