A number of Street presets that I currently use a lot can now be downloaded. There are six, 3 with framework and 3 without framework. In addition, they all have a certain toning and they all get nice details in the photo. There are a warm variant and a cool variant in terms of tint, in addition I have made a preset with a greenish tint. I am currently applying this for the series “ Framed On The Streets “ . Often you want to give a photo a certain style, that is possible with these presets. The hue is easy to change. Turn things on or off in the preset as desired. Also try changing the settings to your own taste so that you develop your own style and possibly save it as a new preset. You can of course send it to me, I will publish it on this website with your name of course.

Below you can see an example. On the basis of the images you can determine whether the preset is for you.

Compare the before and after situation here


An overview of the standard settings

My Street presets for Color Efex

A number of Street presets that I currently use a lot in Color Efex

nik collection dxo

Install presets in the NIK Collection

Look here how it should be done!

In the article you get a step by step explanation and you end with a video. Enough information to see how this is done.



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