Luminar's latest update has just been released and is available for free to existing users. Luminar 4.3 is an upgrade you want to make because it seems like the people at Skylum have listened to the user's feedback; they packed this update with valuable features and improvements.

“With Luminar 4.3, we continue to optimize the user experience and focus on performance. We know that this update will speed up post-production workflows and help photographers get started faster and easier than ever before, ”said Dima Sytnik, co-founder and CTO of Skylum in a recent press release.

I've had a chance to test the new update for the past week and, as mentioned, it indeed speeds up the workflow considerably. In addition to the speed improvement, here is a full list of the new features and improvements in Luminar 4.3:

  • Photo Search
  • 500px Integration
  • Stability and Performance Improvements
  • Faster Looks Experience
  • Cropping improvements
  • AI Augmented Sky improvements
  • Custom Skies and Sky Objects
  • Updated camera support
  • New workflow for masking brush
  • Localization / language improvements

There are several features and improvements I've been eagerly awaiting for myself, and I'm glad to be included in the latest update. Let's take a closer look at what each of the updates / improvements mean to you:

New Photo Search Feature

This is a feature that has been in demand before and one that I am particularly pleased to see in Luminar 4.3. This feature allows you to search for your photos by their name, folder, date or extension.

Being able to search photos is a great improvement for anyone using Luminar 4 as standalone software; it dramatically improves the photo management experience. The only thing that is missing to take full advantage of it as a photo management software is the ability to add keywords to any image as well.

Zoek in Luminar

500px Integration

The new 500px integration makes it possible to share images directly to the 500px photo sharing platform from Luminar 4. Until now, it was only possible to share images via email, messages or Smugmug.

Export to 500PX

Stability and performance improvements

A few users have complained about long loading times of RAW files or generally poor performance when working on large files. This seems to have been resolved in Luminar 4.3, and according to Skylum, even users on old computers should notice a different processing speed.

The stability and performance improvements focus mainly on two areas:

RAW files: Luminar 4.3 has made major improvements in the software processing of RAW files and it is now faster than ever to open and edit these files. You will notice a big difference in the processing of your RAW files after this update.

Luminar Tools: Luminar tools now use less of the computer's memory. This results in a faster experience working with tools and, more importantly, more responsive sliders. This should speed up your workflow considerably.

Faster Looks Experience

Luminar Looks is an important feature for many photographers as it allows you to quickly process images. However, they can slow the software down drastically, especially when you buy more and more packages from your favorite photographers.

Since there is a lot of data associated with a Luminar look (every adjustment made with that preset) and the fact that many photographers use large RAW files, you are likely to notice delays as you click through the different Looks. This was addressed in Luminar 4.3 as it now allows us to instantly preview looks by hovering over them. Browsing the look by floating over it makes the process significantly faster.

Cropping improvements

The Crop & Rotate tool has undergone a major update and is now being moved to the right panel under Lens & Geometry. The new improvements make the cropping workflow a lot faster than before and you probably won't avoid a delay in the process.

Skylum stated that users should also see a significant performance boost.


AI Augmented Sky improvements

The AI Augmented Sky Tool was one of the most talked-about features implemented in the Luminar 4.2 update, as creating composites is easier than ever before. This tool has been further improved in Luminar 4.3 and now performs at a much faster speed.

In addition to speed performance, the AI Augmented Sky Tool has a few more notable updates:

  • You can now flip the objects and quickly position them to fit your image
  • You now have access to a custom folder with locally stored skies and objects
  • A marketplace section on the Luminar premium objects website has been added
  • You can now easily copy multiple skies and paste them into the air folder
Sky replacement tool preciezer

Improved masking experience

A new and improved mask brush workflow is another notable feature of the Luminar 4.3 update. The workflow and masking brush experience has gotten a lot better as the masked areas are now visible during the masking process. It is shown as a transparent red mask.

Updated list of supported cameras

The Luminar 4.3 update includes support for recently released cameras. The full list of newly supported cameras is as follows: Canon EOS-1D X Mark III (uncompressed only), Fujifilm X100V, Fujifilm X-T200, Fujifilm X-T4, Leica SL2, Nikon Coolpix P950, Nikon D780, Nikon Z50, Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III, Olympus E-PL10, Panasonic DC-S1H and Sony A9 Mark II.

Improved language support

The last improvement of Luminar 4.3 is the improved understanding of all supported languages. According to Skylum, the software now understands German, Japanese, Korean, Italian, French and Spanish better than ever.

How to Update to Luminar 4.3

Luminar 4.3 is a free update for current Luminar 4 users and only takes a few minutes. Updating the software is similar to the software itself, a quick and easy experience. An update dialog will automatically appear when Luminar is started. Press the button and the update starts.

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Luminar 4.3
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