This preset gives a beautiful landscape with beautiful colors and enhances the depth of a reflection. Of course this look is also a preset, a starting point from which you can make your own adjustments by refining the adjustments of the preset. The color can be a bit too hard at 100% effect, but that makes the preset usable in many situations. I usually put it around 50%. In the before and after situation (at 50%) you can clearly see the differences. Check the settings so you can see what happens to your photo. Note the glowing setting.

Below you can see an example. On the basis of the images you can determine whether the preset is for you.

Compare the before and after situation here

Landscape reflection in Luminar
Landscape reflection in Luminar

A look that enhances the landscape and reflections in water.


Install looks in Luminar

Look here how it should be done!

In the article you will get a step by step explanation. Enough information to see how this should be done.

Curious about Luminar? Look here!



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