This download contains a preset that I made for landscapes with water. They may also be applicable for other things, but you can try that for yourself. Again, don't forget: A preset is a preset, you probably have to adjust it to the characteristics of your photo. So learn all possible settings well by playing a lot with them and seeing the effect.

You can easily install the presets in Silver Efex. If you have started Silver Efex you will see on the left, where the examples are shown, a choice "Imported". On the right-hand side there is a +, by clicking on it a window opens in which you can look up and install the presets, so very easily.

Below you see the examples with the names. On the basis of the images you can determine whether the preset is for you. Click on the photo to see it enlarge on a black background.

Download the preset:

analog presets
NIK Software

Install presets

In an article you see step by step how to install presets in the NIK software. In addition, you can watch in a video how that works.

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