This silver preset is for Color Efex? Yes. it sounds a bit strange, but it really is like that. With this setting, Silver Efex seems to work, as if your photo has been converted to a black and white photo and that is true. It sounds strange, but Color Efex also has excellent black and white capabilities and this preset is the second in a series that you will show. The cool toning of the black and white photo comes by adding a touch of blue toning. If you look at all the settings, the blue toning is in the last setting. If you turned it off, you will get a normal black and white photo.

Below you can see an example. On the basis of the images you can determine whether the preset is for you.

Compare the before and after situation here

Koel zilver
Cool Silver preset for Color Efex

A monochrome preset for Color Efex

nik collection dxo

Install presets in the NIK Collection

Look here how it should be done!

In the article you get a step by step explanation and you end with a video. Enough information to see how this is done.


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