It was once again time for a new series. This time it is channels and industry, including shipping. As you can see on the title photo, occasional air traffic can be added. The idea arose because I once drove from Beverwijk via the North Sea Canal to Zaanstad, a route I used to take to avoid traffic jams. What struck me was that the industry in that, certainly, 30 years had increased considerably and also the size of the resources on the water. That is also striking in the first random overview photo I took.


It is striking that a typical skyline has emerged that you see at more waterways. A mix of energy generation and the large harbor equipment that you saw much less in the past. The taps have of course remained, although their size seems to have increased.

It happened to be dark weather this day which gave quite a different mood to the whole. But you also come across some things photographically. You have to choose a good average exposure to be able to retrieve all colors properly with the RAW processing. In general, the exposure adjusts to the gray of the sky and water, so that white colors become too white (without drawing) and other light colors become faded. I solved all this in my RAW editor, so nothing else was used. I do, however, I use DXO Photolab wich can make local adjustments and you need them in this case. If this is not in your RAW editor, you still have to make a trip to Photoshop or another program that can do the same.

In bright sunlight you naturally encounter other problems, but there is generally enough to be found. An example of a ship that is unprocessed is shown too bright below. I have used the function Clearview to bring back details. Especially click on the photo to view it on Flickr , then you can enlarge it extra.

I hope these tips help you, also in other situations. If you have additions or questions you can do that through the contactform. Below the full and green collection "Canals and Industry".

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