Sometimes I look on Google what is floating around on the internet under my name and this time I came across something special. At one point I came across a photo of me that was at a very strange address. The website is called Wallhere and you can download images just like on, for example, Pixabay. The only difference is that this website is not so into copyrights. You first have to notice it, then you can object by clicking on a button and then you also have to enter a lot of information to be able to send the message. The world upside down!

Een capture met een foto van een van mijn vele foto’s

You should also see the reporting function by coincidence by moving your mouse cursor over the photo. Then you see the Report button appear. Now I already saw in the related photos that there were a lot of my works. I don't want to go through them all so I just sent them an email like the one below.

The Email sent

I noticed that there are numerous photo’s of me on your website for downloading. All of them are copyrighted. I will investigate further what images you use and will send you a invoice for the user right for selling them, wich can easaly be €1000,- per photo because you distibute them. You will receive the invoice through my lawyer.

Best regards,

I now sit back contentedly because in a few hours there will of course be an answer, right? We will see. This may be a follow-up story. And Google yourself your name. what you don't come across!



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