Install Looks in Luminar

Hoe krijg je looks in luminar

The Looks you download from my website are in a Zip file. You have to unzip the Look first before you can install it. It contains either a single file or a folder. They both end in lmp. If it is a folder you have to unzip it in its entirety, including the folder. If it is a folder then it contains all the files necessary for the Look to work, including any textures etc. A single file contains settings, so the Look does not need any extra files.

So these are not the mplupak files that you can install directly and which may contain different Looks. The Looks that you install separately will be in your user Luminar Looks. You can open that folder from Luminar. You can see that on the image below.

Luminar map
+ knop in Geimporteerd

If you click on “Show Luminar Looks Folder” then the explorer will open as shown below. Just drag the unzipped files into the folder and the look will be added to your own user Looks.


Below is a short film so you can see it too.

Het is alleen maar eerlijk om te delen: