A ride back and forth to Lauwersoog has resulted in a number of fun moments. The weather was bad, rain, clouds and strong winds. On the way there we drove stiffly and just when we arrived in Lauwersoog the rain stopped and the clouds broke a few times. The opportunity to take photos. No time to think, just do it. Hence the title "Improvisations on Lauwersoog".

I brought two cameras, the Nikon D7100 with a 300 mm lens and the Sony RX100 III, this mix seemed the right one to be ready for most situations. You will also see that the RX100 is used for wide-angle shots and the Nikon for telephoto shots. The photos were made on the way back. It was my intention to drive a longer route along the Wadden Sea dike but the Tomtom thought differently so I soon ended up at Dokkum again. Not bad, it was just an experiment. Below I will highlight a few photos and further describe what the story is and how they were made.

With the Rottum from Lauwersoog to Schiermonnikoog

I had already gone to the fishing port when I got this view of the boat to Schiermonnikoog. I thought it would be a good opportunity to capture it because the name of the ship is on screen, which called me the above title. This photo was taken with the telephoto lens, which means that everything seems to be compressed. The footbridge is at a greater distance from the ship if it seems here. The photo has only been adjusted in DXO Photolab. The title photo has become more of an impressionistic work. Here I look the other way in the harbor and I have given the dark atmosphere an accent with Color Efex and my Nightswimming preset. This is also used on the last photos in the series except of course the black and white photo.

The flight of winter
The Flight Of Winter

The Flight Of Winter has been made a bit more impressionistic. The situation was, of course, the same as in the photo, but there were accents in the light parts. In addition, light horizontal stripes have introduced an effect of speed. To take this picture, I first had to find a suitable parking space quickly.

A Town Called Morra
A Town Called Morra

The last one that I highlight. I do this because on the same day that I took this photo I also made the preset for Silver Efex that I applied to this photo, "A Town Called Morra". Although the preset was initially made for grand landscapes, it also works well with city and village views. It is the Light Tint preset for Silver Efex which you can also download here. As with all presets, I use control points when finishing the photo to make local improvements to a certain extent.

So now on your own for an improvisation ride. Especially suitable if you are alone in the car. As always, take your things with you.

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