I was just looking at the annual statistics and I was surprised how good the visit to this website is, even though it was destroyed three months ago. I rebuilt it from the ground up again so that I could also make other system choices that could have caused a decline in visitors.

The statistics show that the number of visitors is still rising, very gratifying. The increase mostly comes from abroad, which is why I have also made the website in English. You can see the statistics below. The findability has not changed much. I do use an SEO tool but one of the kind that you set and then let it do its work. I believe that good content is the best SEO in contrast to what many expensive agencies would have you believe.


Beond Autumn

Furthermore, the appearance has changed, which is more interactive, more visually oriented and, above all, working flawlessly as much as possible. If something has a suspicion that it is not working properly, it is replaced by an alternative.

In my opinion, the download section has now been made more transparent, again with download counters that give you an indication of how many people have downloaded something. That certainly indicates a little interest in a certain item. Today, for quite some time, I will post a package with a number of black and white presets which I have been using for a while for Silver Efex. You can see an example in the photo below. In the last photos I use a lot of soft contrast which gives a nice atmosphere to the photos.

I Wish You All A Lot Of Light

The photos section has changed completely. Everything is now divided into categories and all the photos that I have on Flickr can now also be seen in the Photos section. You also see things reflected in the design that I also use on this website, such as a new logo. For the coming year I foresee that I will focus more on abstract work such as the photo below.

When Your Name Is On The Wall

For now, I wish you a very healthy and happy 2020! Merry Christmas. I hope to see you in the next year.



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